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Founded in 2002, and 100% independently owned by founders and partners, BG Group has more than 80 employees and manages several alternative investment and mutual funds.
BG Group has offices in London, Paris & New York.

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We apply a multi-strategy investment approach which combines robust fundamental analysis with deep expertise across financial instruments. We operate across asset classes (equity, credit and volatility) and investments are rigorously screened to focus on event, catalyst and arbitrage opportunities. Combining deep analysis with strong risk management and trading expertise, we focus on delivering idiosyncratic and uncorrelated returns.


We have a long-term partnership culture. This is fundamental to our investment approach and is embedded into all aspects of Boussard & Gavaudan, including recruitment and compensation deferral.  Partners and employees have significant amounts invested in our funds alongside investors. Our culture and alignment drive a collaborative decision-making approach, disciplined and flexible capital allocation and a focus on consistent alpha generation. 

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