How to subscribe to BG Long Term Value ?

General information

Before considering an investment in BG Long Term Value, you need to read carefully through the fund's prospectus, in particular the section on "Risk Profile".
The fund's prospectus is available on the websites and They are also available by post upon request.

Due to the composition of the portfolio and the portfolio management techniques used, the fund's net asset value is likely to be subject to significant fluctuation. There is therefore a risk that the fund may fail to meet its performance objectives and that capital invested may not be recovered in full. The strategies adopted by the investment management company may result in a loss of capital.

The amount considered reasonable to invest in this UCITS will depend on one's individual circumstances and in particular on one's personal wealth, current and long-term requirements and whether or not one wishes to be exposed to certain risks.
To minimize exposure to specific risks, investment diversification is strongly recommended.

What type of investor are you?

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